AMATEK MEDICAL PRODUCTS® offer the medical community solutions for their instrumentation requirements. Our product line include German Quality, Floor Grade, and Economy Grade. We offer a broad range of commonly used instruments for General Practice  in addition to instruments used in specialty areas.  If you don't see what you need do not hesitate to call us!

Mosquito Forceps

Economy Grade

#103031   5" Straight 

#103033   5" Curved 

Forerster Sponge Forceps

Stainless Steele

#070604   7" Straight                                  Serrated Jaw

#070600   10" Straight                                 Serrated Jaw 

Laminaria Inserter

031201  Medgyn Inserter

031202  McMahon Inserter

Baby Tischler Biopsy Punch

Heavy Grip Handles

030177 Blue Titanium 10"

030129 Blue Titanium 8.5"

Pean Histerestomy Forcep


Item #031000

Utility Scissors

Assorted Colors

1080 Series  7.5" Long

1070 Series 5.5" Long

Lister Bandage Scissors

Large Ring

101011  Floor Grade                               7.25 inch

Tischler Biopsy Forcep GQ 

290208  3mm x 7mm Jaw                       8 inch                                         Spring Handle

Baby Tischler Biopsy Forcep GQ 

290308  2mm x 4mm Jaw                       8 inch                                         Spring Handle

 Braun Tenaculum    Stainless Steele 

330325   10 inch

Adson Forceps

060130  1x2, 2.0mm tip                          4.75 in

060117  1.3mm, Serrated                        4.75 inch