Forefoot Corrections

Metatarsal Pads

Metatarsalgia, blisters, calluses and other localized callosities of the transerve arch.

  • Place pad just behind 2nd & 3rd metatarsal heads to eliminate pressure.
  • Thicknesses at crest
    • XS  xsmall       3/16"
    • S    small         1/4"
    • M   medium   5/16"
    • L    large         3/8"

Suggested Size Guide

Neuroma Pads

Interdigital Morton's neuroma

  • A smaller metatarssal pad designed to be placed right between the affected metatrsal heads. When properly located, the neuroma pad will spread the bones at the base of the toes to rellieve the pinching on a nerve
  • One size
  • Sold in Pair

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Metatarsal Cookies

Multiple callosiotioes occurring across the metatarsal heads.  Also perfect for E-EEE  width feet.

  • A wider metatarsal pad to eliminate pressure across the entire metatarsal arch.
  • Sizes 
    • Mens        5/16"
    • Womens  5/16"
    • Sold in pairs

Metatarsal Bars

Another metatarsal variety to treat multiple callosiotioes such as corns, calluses, and bllisters, occuring across the metatarsal heads. 

  • Place rounded portion just behind the ball of the foot to transfer weight bearing away from the metatarsal heads.
  • Sizes 
    • Small        5/16"
    • Medium   5/16"
    • Large        5/16"

Suggested Size Guide

Dancer Pads

Hallux valgus, turf toe or simple sesamoiditis.  

  • Correctly designed cut-out area of the pad comfortably encompasses and relieves  the painful , 1st MP joint. 
  • Sizes 
    • Mens        5/16"
    • Womens  5/16"

IPK Pads

Intractable plantar keratoses. Relieves sensitive irritations.   

  • Intractable plantar keratoses (IPK) is a sore and tender spot on the bottom of ther foot that "just won't go away" - a plantar war, for example.
  • This unique metatarsal support has a centrally located depression to cushion and unload pressure directly under the sensitive area  and promote healing. 
  • Sizes: Men's & Women's