FACE-IT Shields  offers 3 Disposable Full-Face Splash Shield Models.

DRAPE WIDE (Model 18000W

Offers maximum splash protection for health care workers at rish to blood borne pathogen exposure. It can be used in a sterile environment without contaminating a sterile field.

The Drape Wide features a 13 inch wide x 11 inch long fluid barrier fabric that extends below our standard full face shield.  The barrier fabric tucks inside a protective garment, avoiding contact with the sterile field while protecting against splash coming under the shield.  The Drape Wide is ideal for departments like the OR, ER, and Serile Processing.  Fasteners at the bottom of the barrier fabric hold the Drape fabric in place against the inside of the protective gown. 


Has no added fluid barrier fabric and covers the full face.  The standard shield dimensions  are 9 x 13 inches.


Has a shorter 7.5 inch fluid barrier fabric that hangs freely outside a gown.

The barrier fabric can cup under the chin to provide extra protection against splash coming under the shield.

All Face-it Shields feature a flat viewing area in front of the eyes, minimizing glare and distortion.  The self-shaping foam head piece molds across the forehead, protecting against splash coming over the top of the shield.  Crystal clear anti-fog plastic provides excellent visibility.

All Face-it Shields are CE marked, Latex free, comfortable, and made under ISO conditions for the highest quality OSHA level personsl protection.

Benefits:  Maintain Sterile Field, Protection from Splash over the top, Fluid Barrier Fabric tucks inside protective gown, Wrap around Splash protective gown.