EZDebride - FAQs

  • Who is authorized to use these?


Any certified clinician where sharp debridement is in their scope of practice.

  • Does this debridement tool hurt more than a blade or curette?

The pain from a debridement is due to injury of the skin and tissues, Anything that creates this type of injury will cause pain so there should be no difference in the amount of pain caused by any instruments or devices that are used for sharp debridement.  Additionally, everyone's pain tolerance is different, so using anesthesia either topically ot via local injection/block should provide adequate pain relief if required.

  • Is EZ Debride approved by the FDA?

EZ Debride is a Class 1 Medical Device that is registered and listed.

  • Is EZ Debride considered a sharp debridement tool?

Yes, it excised non-viable tissue.

  • How is EZ Debride shipped in quantity?

EZ Debride comes in a box of 8

  • Does EZ Debride replace the use of scalpels and curettes?

No - EZ Debride is an alternative to scalpels and curettes.

  • How do I order these?

Establish an account by contacting us at customerservice@bormed.com or call 800-826-1690.  Orders can be placed by GHX, GXS, or email. 

  • Should I use a topical anesthesia?

Use topical anesthesia when indicated.

  • Can EZ Debride be sterilized and reused?

No - EZ Debride is single patient use.  Red bag waste, not sharps disposal.

  • How much are they?

Call us for pricing  800-826-1690.  

  • Does EZ Debride work on Callous?

It can be used for callous however the condition and amount of callous will determine the best tool to use.  

  • Does EZ Debride work on Eschar?

Debridement of dry, black eschar is not considered an appropriate tissue for sharp debridement. 

The EZ Debride is ideal for wet eschar.

  • Can I receive reimbursement for debridement with the EZ Debride?

EZ Debride is considered a sharp debridement and so will be reimbursed using the standard debridement codes.  Howeverm, consult your bill expert and our billing page.