ECG Electrodes

Solid Gel Monitoring Electrodes

Wet Gel Monitoring Electrodes

Item 2010

Foam Electrode, Stress/Holter, Super Diaphoretic Adhesive, 34 x 50mm 300/Box

Electrode, Clear Tape, General Purpose Breathable, 50mm, 300/Box

Item 2014

Item 2015

Foam Electrode, Stress/Holter, Super Diaphoretic Adhesive, 35 x 45mm 5 per card300/Box

Item 2016

Cloth Electrode, ICU/CCU, Breathable, 50mm  300/Box

Also available 3 per card Item 2015-3 

For those who prefer direct connect and snap electrodes, a top selling option designed with patient friendly adhesives for reliable contact and skin care made with silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgC) and is latex free. 

Item 5520

Foam Electrode, Multi-Snap, Specialty Dual Monitoring, One Sensing Area, 32 x 45mm

Item 5525

Foam Electrode, 35 x 50mm, 300/Box

Item 5535

Item 5533-3

Item 5539-3

Item 5559

General Purpose Monitoring Electrode, Super Tack Diaphoretic Adhesive 32 x 45mm

3 per card, 300/Box

Diagnostic Resting ECG Monitoring Electrode, Pediatric Monitoring 32 x 45 

Easy Tack Patient Friendly Adhesive 300/Box

Thallium Stress Monitoring Electrode, Cardiac Cath, 32 x 45mm, Super Tack Diaphoretic 

Adhesive, Radio Translucent X-Ray Opaque, Snap/Sensor System, 3 per Strip 300/Box

Foam Electrode, Thallium Stress, Cardiac Cath, Kidney Shape

Radio Translucent, 32 x 45mm 300/Box