• Gel Mate sheets should be trimmed to a size slightly larger than your scar.
  • A measurement grid on the back of the sheet makes it easy to cut the right size and can be used to measure the           progress as your scar heals and gets smaller.
  • It is recommended that you wear the silicone gel sheets a minimum of 12 hours a day and up to 22 hours depending           on the location and age of your scar.
  • Your skin should be clean and dry prior to applying your Gel Mate, to improve the adherence to your skin.
  • If you are wearing Gel Mate over a joint, where movement may affect it sticking to your skin, using a soft wrap-           around bandage or sleeve is recommended to help keep it in place.


  • Daily washing with soap and water will prolong the life of your gel sheeting.
  • Air dry on the plastic backing or a piece of plastic wrap to keep the gel sheet clean and free of debris.
  • Your Gel Mate can last up to one month with proper care.
  • Replace the sheeting when the gel is no longer sticky or if the gel starts to dry.

    Please Note:

  • Gel Mate is not a sterile bandage and is not recommended for use on open wounds.
  • It is always recommended that you discuss any scar management product with your health care provider.
  • Please stop using if you experience irritation or discomfort.


  • Medical grade silicone gel; anti-microbial nylon cover.