The Tuke Saw™air-powered hand unit drives the blade or brush through a circular motion at frequencies of up to 20,000 cyclesper minute. The circular motion of only 1.5mm vibrates soft tissues without cutting them. This safety feature allows the surgeonto guide the blade accurately by hand to delicate locations normally inaccessible to conventional power tools or where sawsare not normally used, such as the posterior tibia cortex in TKR or highly controlled mortice cutting for ankle replacement orarthrodesis.

During resection the uniquely efficient biting tooth-shape motion also promotes bone chip removal making the cutting actionclean and efficient. The blades with teeth all round will advance to penetrate a cut on the tip or on either side.The Tuke Saw™ System features the range of blades and brushes illustrated below. These single-use attachments make theSystem extremely versatile especially in the field of orthopaedic surgery where shaping and shaving are often required.