First responders use COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS to maintain their core body temperature, prevent heat stress, decrease dehydration, and reduce errors.

The COOLSHIRT 6 Person Rehab Station is built around a 60 quart heavy-duty cooler to ensure that you stay cooler for a longer period of time. The cooler incorporates a water port panel that allows for up to 6 connections and also features a dual pump system for enhanced efficiency.

Our COOLSHIRT® Systems Rehab Systems conform to NFPA 1584 Standards.

COOLSHIRT® Systems products have been proven to provide safe & consistent inner core temperature cooling.

COOLSHIRT® Systems active cooling garments allow personnel to hydrate & have body functions monitored while using our patented products. No need to immerse arms in cold water!

Our lightweight ventilated nylon Aqua Vest is designed for safe, consistent cooling and will provide years of use & are Machine washable. . Sizes available: SM-XXXL